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What your

CRM Company

Doesn't Tell You

Companies like Salesforce make it easy to create a CRM but the value you receive is up to you. We can show you how to leverage your Sales and Marketing tools to make your investment pay off.  Take full advantage of your investment.   Properly used systems allow these benefits.   

Quick visibility into your lead and sales pipelines


An easy transition of work between resources

Eliminate manual work efforts


Provide valuable insights to help you maximize your efforts.​

Our CRM Consulting Team

is Ready to Help


Get Your

Business Running

Are you just getting started with sales and marketing systems or are you ready for an upgrade?  Selecting and implementing the right tools are critical to your success. Your business is unique and it’s important that your systems match your needs and budget.  Our highly skilled staff have years of experience with a broad range of CRM and  Marketing systems. We can advise on the right fit and implementation strategy to make your company successful.


Get Trained

Learn how to get the most value out of your CRM and Marketing Automation systems.  We identify the key pieces of information your business needs to optimize performance and build our training program to make sure your systems are highly effective.

  • Top executives and admins are trained on getting the visibility they need to operations.

  • Sales leaders, account executives and client support know how to maintain key data with ease.

  • Marketers know how to leverage data for decisioning on future campaigns.


Understand Your

Lead Pipeline

Do you know where your best quality leads are coming from?  Do you know where your leads drop off? These are key to capturing marketing qualified leads and converting them into clients.  We can help you capitalize on your marketing investments by identifying areas for opportunity and then providing systematic approaches  for opportunity and then providing systematic approaches to fix problem areas.


Understand Your

Sales Pipeline

Are you able to forecast your next quarter sales?  Do you require knowledge of your sales pipeline by industry, products, or other segments?  We will work with your sales team to put the fundamental pieces in place for effective executive reporting.  Not only will it help predict upcoming quarters, but it allows you to focus on the most critical deals. Sales reporting can be easy and automated if done properly.


Gain Valuable Insights

Every business is unique, and your system should reflect that by giving you insights into what matters the most to you.  What type of leads turn into the biggest sales? How do those leads get to you? What types of activities contribute to your turn over rate?  These are all questions that data can solve. Capturing that data and storing it in a way that it provides those insights can be a powerful tool that set you apart from the competition.


Work as an 

Organized Team

How easy is it for you to transition accounts from one employee to another?  If a key player leaves the company or is on vacation, does the whole company struggle to know what they were working on?  Systems not only provide key metrics to run a business, but they allow for easy change of ownership, a smoother handshake from one department to another and automation of work tasks.



"Susanne and her team have been great to work with. They have completed multiple projects that have been holding our marketing/sales processes back for too long. I'm most impressed with their expertise and diverse skillset in administration, workflows, reporting, and custom coding which has helped us better implement our Salesforce org within our sales and marketing teams."

Tallin J /

"SLake Consulting has been a Godsend in helping IHMS make the leap from SalesForce Classic to the new Lightning version.  This was quite the resourceful team in accomplishing the task quickly and efficiently.  Thanks Susanne."


Craig D / Integrated Health Management Services

Reach out today and get a free consultation on how we can help you.
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