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A Better option for Salesforce support

You Decide How much support you need

White Glove Service

convert unused support into development

Why pay for premier support PLUS development?

Supporting your sales operations can be expensive.  Optimize your ROI by selecting more cost-effective solutions.  Does your support provide strategy meetings, dedicated resources, weekly prioritization meetings, plus allow you to convert your hours into much-needed customizations?

Better Salesforce Support
Strategy Planning

Quarterly Strategy Meetings & Weekly Prioritization Meetings

Salesforce Certified Professionals Who Know and Understand Your Business

Dedicated Resources

Optimize Salesforce to Meet Your Business Needs

Salesforce Customization
Slake White Glove Salesforce Support

Step One

Request a Salesforce Effectiveness Assessment

Step Two

Get Slake White Glove Salesforce Support

Step Three

Close more deals Faster

Sales leaders rely on Salesforce to provide essential information about their pipeline, but budget concerns often prevent customizing the CRM to be efficient and trust-worthy.  We offer an alternative to Salesforce Premier support that provides superior dedicated support and allows you to convert unused support hours into development hours.  This means you can take comfort that your Salesforce application is well managed and you can get the customizations you want without justifying additional costs. 
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A New Kind of Salesforce Support
At Slake Consulting, we know that you need to be focused on selling, not maintaining your Salesforce CRM.  In order to do that, you need a team of experts at your fingertips to provide support and customizations that meet your business needs.  The problem is licensing already takes a major hit on your budget and Salesforce Premier Support is an additional 20-25% on top of that.  We believe sales leaders need easy, flexible solutions to support their team in closing deals.  We understand that you want it all which is why we provide superior dedicated support and allow you to convert unused support hours into development hours.



"Susanne and her team have been great to work with. They have completed multiple projects that have been holding our marketing/sales processes back for too long. I'm most impressed with their expertise and diverse skillset in administration, workflows, reporting, and custom coding which has helped us better implement our Salesforce org within our sales and marketing teams."

Tallin J /

"SLake Consulting has been a Godsend in helping IHMS make the leap from SalesForce Classic to the new Lightning version.  This was quite the resourceful team in accomplishing the task quickly and efficiently.  Thanks Susanne."

Craig D / Integrated Health Management Services

Get our Complimentary Guide on Critical Salesforce Best Practices
Are you using Salesforce effectively?  We'd like to share the most common mistakes most companies make with how they use Salesforce.  The cost of not following these best practices not only means you are not getting the full value out of your CRM but you can create inefficiencies that could be costing your company money!  Get our hands-on expertise today and be a Salesforce hero. 
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